Yothin FA Group Muay Gym Seminar

Yothin FA Group is coming to Muay Gym – Sydney!,

Yothin FA Group is indeed renowned for his exceptional clinch fighting skills in the world of Muay Thai. He is considered one of the best clinch fighters due to his mastery of this aspect of the sport. Clinch fighting is a crucial component of Muay Thai, requiring a combination of strength, technique, timing, and strategy. Fighters who excel in the clinch can effectively control their opponents, deliver devastating knee strikes, and wear down their opponents’ defenses.

Yothin FA Group’s proficiency in the clinch has earned him recognition and respect within the Muay Thai community. His ability to dominate opponents in close quarters, execute various clinch techniques, and deliver powerful strikes sets him apart as a formidable competitor in the ring. His achievements and skills have solidified his reputation as one of the top clinch fighters in the sport.


James CrennanJames Crennan
00:03 20 Apr 24
First class Muay Thai! Every instructor is a fighter, and the high discipline doesn't take away from the friendly atmosphere. I've got a 6 year old boy on classes and it's great having the kids class surrounded by teenagers and adults all going hard at it. Nick has been our trainer and has great coach energy for the kids. We have done other martial arts and my boy hit the pads more in the first 10 mins than most classes. Really good combination between technical, physical and agility. Can't recommend high enough.
Steve ChappersSteve Chappers
07:10 19 Apr 24
My two boys are coming here, and they are loving it!I’m from a karate background (training and teaching) and I must say I’m very impressed with the trainers and the Muay Gym all round, and they’re great with the kids, friendly and patient.If you’re looking for somewhere to train Mauy Thai, build confidence, get fit, or just hit a bag to let some tension out, come and give it a go …you’ll love it!
Aidan WoodworthAidan Woodworth
02:47 09 Apr 24
I have been going to Muay Gym for 4 months now and have loved it! Nom is a great trainer and the classes are well structured, I have seen a massive improvement in my Muay Thai skills and also my overall coordination and flexibility. 100% recommend it to anyone looking to start Muay Thai
06:10 03 Apr 24
My children started training at the Muay Thai gym and I must say that the trainers are exceptional. Their expertise and guidance have significantly improved their skills. Moreover, the children's classes at the gym are fantastic. The instructors create a fun and engaging environment for kids to learn and develop their techniques. Overall, I highly recommend this gym for both adults and children looking to learn Muay Thai."
Dennis OlesenDennis Olesen
06:35 31 Mar 24
My 4 year old has been having a great time! The instructor is great with the kids. After just a few sessions there has been an obvious improvement in my sons co-ordination skills, and he's been having fun doing it.
Jade DoyleJade Doyle
00:03 29 Mar 24
Was looking for something new to really improve my fitness and give me some new goals. Found Nom and Muay Gym and couldn't be happier. I was nervous at first but he and the team have made me feel so welcome and now also welcoming my son to the Muay Gym family. Highly recommend, you won't look back!
Catherine KeshishianCatherine Keshishian
02:45 12 Mar 24
I highly recommend Muay Gym. I have two children 8 and 6 who attend. My boys have built confidence, improved resilience, discipline and over all fitness.They are in a safe environment with highly experienced coaches to train and guide them.It is wonderful family to be apart of.
Kimberly TeftKimberly Teft
11:42 11 Mar 24
Best Muay Thai Gym EVER! I'm in Australia for business from the US and they are able to accommodate me for my short stay. I can tell they are really passionate about May Thai and wants everyone to learn it. Amazing trainers (Nick and Num) who are knowledgeable, patient, and attentive. I love how it’s more focused on learning Muay Thai techniques over just a group fitness class. It is definitely more personalized and feels like you are getting a one on one training. 10 out of 10. Highly recommend!
Penny HagertyPenny Hagerty
10:05 05 Mar 24
This Muay Thai gym is the best I’ve ever been too! Highly recommend this place to everyone. The trainers are so friendly and great at teaching you everything. The head trainer Num is excellent. 5/5
Austin Andrews-LittleAustin Andrews-Little
06:47 29 Feb 24
Best Muay Thai gym around. All the coaches are amazing and knowledgeable and ready to help people of any skill level. The culture they have created between the members and the trainers is awesome and makes for fun training sessions every time. 10/10 would recommend!!
Slxnty fSlxnty f
22:41 26 Feb 24
Best Muay Thai gym ever! Awesome traditional and experienced Thai trainers that really care about their members. Feels like I’m taking a legitimate class in Thailand, also great prices and suitable for all ages.
Hannah TaylorHannah Taylor
09:47 25 Feb 24
I would highly recommend Muay Gym to anyone! No experience is needed! I signed up wanting to mix up my weight and running training. I had no experience in kickboxing or boxing which was no issue at all. The trainers are very experienced, understanding and know their stuff. I honestly couldn’t praise this gym enough. For anyone who wants to try something new, I would recommend the free trial.
Jfoxy 77Jfoxy 77
01:00 22 Feb 24
I recently joined this Muay Thai gym, and it has exceeded all my expectations. As a beginner, I was initially intimidated by the idea of Muay Thai training, but the welcoming atmosphere and patient coaches immediately put me at ease. Coach Num, in particular, stands out for his dedication to ensuring that students truly grasp the techniques, rather than just mindlessly hitting and punching.The gym itself is immaculately clean and conveniently located, making it easy to commit to regular sessions. The equipment is top-notch, ensuring both safety and effectiveness during workouts.What truly sets this gym apart is its emphasis on technique and skill development. Coach Num and the other trainers prioritize teaching proper form and technique, rather than simply focusing on hitting bags. They break down each movement step by step, patiently guiding students through the process until they feel confident and proficient.Moreover, the gym offers a diverse range of classes tailored to different skill levels and interests. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, there's always something new to learn and explore.Overall, I highly recommend this gym to anyone interested in Muay Thai, especially those who value meticulous instruction and a supportive learning environment. It's a place where beginners can feel comfortable and empowered as they embark on their martial arts journey.
Vanessa JerahVanessa Jerah
09:57 12 Feb 24
So happy we found this hidden gem! After spending the summer in Thailand training in Muay Thai, my 6 y/o really got into the sport. We were keen to support his interest and started looking for a trainer once we got back.We were pleasantly surprised to find Muay Gym and after a trial, this place is as legit as it gets! Both my husband and son attend the training and love it! Nom and his team are doing an amazing job. Highly recommended!
Harry WorrallHarry Worrall
03:16 01 Feb 24
Muay Gym in Cromer is absolutely fantastic! The trainers are skilled, friendly, and really know their stuff. The facility is clean and well-maintained, with great equipment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fighter, Muay Gym offers a welcoming and supportive environment to help you reach your fitness and martial arts goals. I highly recommend checking them out!
Sascha MurphySascha Murphy
21:20 30 Jan 24
Muay Thai Gym has multiple supportive and friendly trainers who strive to improve your Muay Thai skills in every class! The grouped classes allow for you to meet new people and work to be the best you can become! I love the individualised aspect - the trainers focus on your skills as an individual rather than addressing a whole group. You sweat at least half your body weight - highly recommend!!!
Phil YeadonPhil Yeadon
21:38 29 Jan 24
My teenage son has been at Muay Gym for over two years and absolutely loves it. His fitness and confidence has improved massively, and he always looks forward to going. And after every session his mood is SOOOOO good 😊.Num is a great coach and the gym culture is exceptional. Big thanks to Num & Nick for all the work you do with Wil. He loves you guys 🙏👍💪
Jack TaylorJack Taylor
09:34 25 Jan 24
Amazing trainers who teach you the grass roots of Muay Thai. I love how it’s more focused on learning actual Muay Thai over just a group fitness fighting class. It is definitely more personalised and feels like you are getting a one on one focus with the trainer each class. Highly recommend you come on down! You also have a 3 day free trial which is amazing as it means you don’t have to rush into things if you are unsure after your first visit.
Jeremy ChurnJeremy Churn
11:07 24 Jan 24
Muay Thai Gym excels with skilled coaching, excellent facilities, and a positive atmosphere. Classes suit all levels, emphasising technique and conditioning. A top choice for Muay Thai enthusiasts, offering a rewarding and challenging experience.Highly recommended.
Makenzie GaffneyMakenzie Gaffney
10:23 23 Jan 24
Best must Thai gym out there good for fitness and techquie as well as making me friends. Trainers are all very nice and very funny. Would recommend to everyone any age 👍
Sonder MensSonder Mens
01:17 21 Jan 24
Nom took our team through a team building Muay Thai session.It was very hard but it was great and brought own team closer together.The facility is great, there was plenty of equipment and accommodated our whole team
Djay HrDjay Hr
01:51 19 Jan 24
Just started doing some private lessons with Num at Muay Gym and have been loving it.I'm a total beginner with the flexibility of a 150 year old but everything is slowly coming together and it's a great workout and really helps with flexibility.Excited to keep on going and growing at Muay Gym.Don't let being a beginner, or not being flexible etc keep you from joining, the gym is beginner friendly and it's a great workout, you will love it.
Ananya DoshiAnanya Doshi
11:17 17 Jan 24
Owner and instructors are all really friendly and knowledgeable. They introduced me to the sport and I hope to find a gym that’s similar back in my home country. I’ll definitely come back if I’m in Sydney again!!
Karen YeungKaren Yeung
09:41 15 Jan 24
Exceptional Muay Thai gym!Nom was such an amazing trainer. Intense workouts, and a supportive community make this place stand out.He made me feel really welcomed from day one and each workout is proper sweat!Only been here for 2 weeks due to relocating but if I’m ever back in the area, will definitely come back!Results speak for themselves.Highly recommended!
hung Andyhung Andy
11:06 26 Dec 23
Best gym ever. Nom is a great instructor. He made sure everyone feels welcome. The whole gym feels like a big family. They treat each other respectfully. It doesn’t matter what level of skill you are at.
Nicole FinlayNicole Finlay
08:53 27 Jul 22
Great intro into Muay Thai. I was a bit nervous as I had never done much of it before. However Cam and Nom have been very helpful in getting me confident. Would certainly recommend to anyone looking to learn a martial art.
Adrian McNamaraAdrian McNamara
21:21 25 Jul 22
Great gym, great atmosphere. If you want get fit and or learn Muay Thai then look no further. Highly recommended.
Liz PhillipsLiz Phillips
22:00 23 Jul 22
My favourite place to train on the Northern Beaches. Excellent trainers, fun and challenging classes and a great community. I train here every week and absolutely love it!
Nick KrebsNick Krebs
02:23 24 Jun 22
Muay Gym has a great culture of fun and hard work combined. The coaches a are great and the facilities are top tier! Always have a good time training there, lots of nice people
Anthony OgilvieAnthony Ogilvie
06:11 17 Jun 22
I wanted a local gym that has a nice vibe - which for me means not intimidating and no TV screens. And somewhere that, yes it's hard work but it's also fun. I tried a few places and this had the best combination of those factors. I've never done any type of boxing before and the teachers and other members are really helpful and encouraging. And it's challenging learning a new skill, which also keeps the brain engaged - nice co-benefit. Highly, highly recommend, even if you never want to actually fight. It's a fun way to incorporate movement and exercise into your lifestyle.

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Located near Dee why & Brookvale, Cromer Northern Beaches Sydney.

We Offer : Kids Muay Thai, Teens Muay Thai & Adults Muay Thai.

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